Unique Baby Toys For Discerning Toddlers

Unique Baby Toys For Discerning Toddlers

There is no shortage of special occasions to celebrate newborn babies. From baby showers and the first night home to first birthdays and holidays the calendar is full of dates that are perfect for offering unique toys for baby boys and baby girls. The only trick to shopping for baby gifts is finding toys that are unique.

Babies are easy to shop for because most people buy the same presents and soon the nursery room is full of look-alike teddy bears, diaper cakes and building blocks. But for the careful shopper who wants to be remembered for their originality there are plenty of unique baby gifts and toys on the market that will separate your gift from the pile.

It’s no secret that newborn babies spend nearly 70% of their first few weeks sleeping and napping. Tired from the big move and all the new faces that keep popping in to say hello babies need time to adjust to their new surroundings and get comfortable in their cribs and cradles. Mua giày patin trẻ em Of course you don’t want to leave your baby boy or baby girl in the dark so for a fun and unique gift idea consider the Twilight Turtle nightlight.

Unlike most nursery nightlights that simply cast a pale light in a corner or against a wall the Twilight Turtle toy offers a full night sky projection on any baby room ceiling. With eight actual star constellations, an automatic time-out after 45 minutes and soothing colors to choose from for stars this nightlight is unlike any other and will fill babies’ dreams with the soft twinkle of blue, green and white stars.

Stuffed animals are always a great idea for baby gifts but too often people settle on the same animals and soon the nursery looks like a showroom for one particular brand or style. Instead of cookie cutter teddy bears consider a stuffed animal gift set wagon that not only includes a unique plush lamb stuffed animal but several other terrific baby toys that will quickly become your baby’s favorite toy. The wagon gift set features a wood wagon with burlap lining that can easily serve as a toy chest or classic piece of nursery décor. Included in the wagon set is a 100% cotton layette, embroidered piggy bib, horse hat, cow booties, cute corn rattle and a soft quilt.

Besides sleeping another popular newborn baby activity is bath time. Parents love to watch their little one splash around in delight and get clean at the same time. For a unique tub time toy check out the Bathapus baby bath toy that features a mirror, rattle, teether, water pump for safe squirting and a friendly peek-a-boo fish. This delightful water activity toy also promotes cognitive development and hand-eye coordination so your baby is actually learning as he plays. Great for newborns and children up to age three the Bathapus tub toy is an exceptional baby toy gift that will be remembered fondly for years to come.

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